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Toni-Marie Abell

UA Local 179 “women in trades” featured in the UA Journal!

UA Local 179 in Saskatchewan was featured in the December 2012 issue of the UA Journal.  The feature includes an article,  Women In The Trades – Two Local 179 Perspectives, featuring Local 179’s Toni-Marie Abell and Monique Wills.

Women in Trade: Toni-Marie
Photo: UA Journal, Jan. 2012

Toni-Marie, a top-notch welder, is an advocate for women in the trades and explains to the UA Journal what being a member of the UA has meant for her and her family.  With a young daughter at home, she is very thankful for the kind of life she is able to provide.  Her ambition is to become a Quality Control inspector.

Women in Trades: Monique Wills
Photo: UA Journal, Jan. 2012

Monique Wills, a First Nations member and forth-year plumber/pipefitter apprentice, is also a mother of two.  Having begun her career working for a non-union plumbing and heating contractor, she was not aware of the UA until she was introduced through a UA signatory contractor.  She now feels she has a real career, with stability for her and her family.


2 Responses to “UA Local 179 “women in trades” featured in the UA Journal!”

  1. ruby wallis

    Good luck young lady. I just retired as a womam UA pipe welder. THIRTY EIGHT YEARS OF WELDING PIPE !!!!!! Freezing in the dark in the 70″s in Alaska and burning up in California. It was tough. I wish you the best.


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