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UA Canada members: Trained to work safely

The UA takes safety seriously.

UA Canada Locals partner with the safety associations in every province to deliver safety training to the current standard.

UA members receive training in:

  • Basic Construction Safety to the standard required in each province
  • Working at Heights
  • Working in Confined Spaces and Safety Attendant
  • Hoisting and Rigging
  • Working with Compressed Air
  • Working on Elevated Platforms
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Working with Propane
  • Respirator Training
  • Pipeline Safety

UA Locals maintain a record of the safety training of each member. We ensure this training is kept up-to-date.

Foreman Certification Training

In 2009, with the support of major companies in the energy industry, the UA launched a 40-hour Foreman Certification Program. More than 1,500 UA members have now taken the course which was developed with input from working foremen, safety associations and employers.

The Foreman Certification Program trains front-line supervisors to communicate effectively and stresses the importance of clear communications and planning to meet timelines and to achieve or exceed expected levels of productivity without sacrificing commitments to a safe workplace. The course is provided to both experienced foremen who have had no formal training and to journeypersons who want to advance to the next step in their career. Client representatives are usually involved in delivering the program. In addition to the Foreman Certification Program, UA foremen also take the supervisor’s health and safety training that is offered by various construction safety associations in each province.

The UA understands the importance of trained and qualified foremen. No other union has as thorough and rigorous a program for training foremen.

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