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New Boots Breaks New Ground For Women Working in the Trades

The New Brunswick Mentor Apprentice Program’s (NB-MAP) New Boots – Progressing women in trades initiative is working to help women get into a career in the building trades and, as a member of NB-MAP, New Brunswick UA Locals are supporting this initiative.

Over the next three years, New Boots will follow 15 women as they complete their apprenticeship programs. With fewer than 100 women working in the construction trades in New Brunswick, these participants represent a significant increase.

In its first year, the New Boots coordinator is working on bringing visibility to the program and providing participants with the training and advice they need to complete their apprenticeship.  New Boots hosted an event with HGTV’s Kate Campbell who shared her story about becoming a tradeswoman and inspired the participants in the program to pursue their career in their skilled trade.

To find out more about the New Boots Program, click here.

L-R: Hélène Savoie, mentorship coordinator, & Gina O’Rourke McKay, chief mentoring executive director, New Boots; Kate Campbell, carpenter and HGTV personality; Kelsey Fillmore, administrative coordinator, & Sara Stashick, program coordinator, New Boots.

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