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Building Trades Unions supply best-trained and productive labour in the country

“Building Trades Unions supply the best-trained and productive labour in the country.”

This quote comes from a recent newspaper op-ed by Sudhir Sandhu, the CEO of the Manitoba Building Trades and Allied Hydro Council of Manitoba. The article outlines the benefits of the substantial training investments made by Building Trades Unions, and criticizes non-union organizations who do not invest in training and then compete on a lower cost basis.

Mr. Sandhu goes on to add: “Project owners in Canada know well enough the difference in skill, experience, safety and productivity records between union and non-union organizations…Increasingly, project owners who experimented with non-union shops are returning to sourcing union labour.”  Commenting on the article, John Telford, UA Director of Canadian Affairs, noted that, “getting more project owners to return to the UA is a major focus for UA Canada.”

Click this link to read the article in full.

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