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Un soudeur en train de travailler

Building Tomorrow’s Skilled Workforce: Promoting the Trades to Youth in Grades Seven and Eight

At a meeting hosted by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship, major industry players talked about ways to promote the trades to youth to welcome the next generation of trades workers to fill the shoes of Canada’s retirees.

Being prepared for the job is part of being work ready

Work Ready

Work ready is a philosophy for anyone that is trying to be successful in any field of work that they may wish to be part of, and it means having all of the resources and tools at your disposal to make you truly valuable to your Employer.« Prêt au travail » est une philosophie qui doit guider toute personne cherchant à réussir dans son domaine d’activité, et signifie qu’il faut disposer de tous les outils et ressources pour être un auxiliaire précieux pour son employeur.