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hose members who purposely supply the open shop sector, or traveling out of province with a travel card “in their shoe’ know full well that they are disadvantaging those who abide by the rules. Just as importantly, they are strengthening our open-shop competitors’ ability to man projects with UA members’ skills and thus driving down working conditions and our ability to secure good collective agreements into the futureCes membres, qui alimentent à dessein le secteur des entreprises non affiliées (« open-shop – ateliers ouverts») ou qui travaillent hors de leur province avec une carte de voyage « de complaisance », savent parfaitement qu’ils causent un préjudice à ceux qui respectent les règles. Et en plus, ils permettent aux concurrents non affiliés de prendre en charge des projets tout en profitant des compétences des membres de l’AU, faisant ainsi baisser les conditions de travail ainsi que notre capacité à négocier de bonnes conventions collectives.

Toni-Marie Abell

UA Local 179 “women in trades” featured in the UA Journal!

UA Local 179 in Saskatchewan was featured in the December 2012 issue of the UA Journal.  The feature includes an article,  Women In The Trades – Two Local 179 Perspectives, featuring Local 179’s Toni-Marie Abell and Monique Wills. Toni-Marie, a top-notch welder, is an advocate for women in the trades and explains to the UA Journal what being a member of the UA has meant for her and her family.  With a young daughter at home, she is very thankful for the kind of life she is able to provide.  Her ambition is to become a Quality Control inspector. Monique Wills, a First Nations member and forth-year plumber/pipefitter apprentice, is also a mother of two.  Having begun her career working for a non-union plumbing and heating contractor, she was not aware of the UA until she was introduced through a UA signatory contractor.  She now feels she has a real …