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Local 71 showcases UA Canada Central Regional Apprenticeship Competition

“Everyone wants to win, to represent our union and to do the best we can,” says Luc Prégent, a fifth-year steamfitter apprentice from Ottawa-Gatineau’s Local 71. Luc was one of twenty apprentices competing in the UA Canada’s Central Regional Apprenticeship Competition, hosted by UA Local 71 from April 13 to 15, 2015.

“While we hope that all of our apprentices win a gold medal at the UA’s Canadian and International skills competitions, the real value comes from providing a learning experience for the next generation of UA members.” With these words, Eric Turpin, the Training Coordinator at Local 71, shared his thoughts on what participating in this competition means for the UA and the months of hard work and preparation leading up to the competition.

Anthony Iannucci, Training Coordinator from Local 800 (Sudbury), echoed Eric’s support for the UA’s involvement in skills competitions. “As a UA Training Coordinator, situations like the UA Canada Central Regional Apprenticeship Competition are what we want for our apprentices,” says Iannucci. “They find themselves in controlled situations outside their comfort zones that emphasize the importance of well-rounded skills. At the end of the day, it’s also good for business.”

Apprentices from across Ontario participated in the three-day competition. Steamfitting, plumbing and welding are the trades featured in the competition.  The competition started with a 130-question written exam. After that, the focus shifted to a series of projects to be completed and then evaluated by the judges.

The winners of the UA Skills competition are:

  • Plumber: Cody Beck from Local 67 Hamilton-Niagara Ontario
  • Welder: Donald Cochrane Local 527 Southwestern Ontario
  • Steamfitter: Mike Malloy Local 527 Southwestern Ontario

Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated in the competition. Next up, the winners will be representing their locals at the upcoming UA National Skills Competition in Toronto this June of 2015, where they will be showing fellow competitors how the UA does it right the first time!

Here are some competition photos:

UA Local 71

UA Local 71

UA Local 71

UA Local 71

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